Jason Mackerchar

“Scared str8” By Jason Mackerchar

When I first enetered into the prison. system I was a little scared.. I didn’t know what to expect.. I am from California where the prisons are just too crazy. Coming into the system of Idaho was an eye opener.. It is layed back at times but it was also scary at times as well.. I am in one of the craziest prisons.. It was ranked gladiator school .. It wasn’t always nice.. I have been in prison for over 14 years. I started out with a 2+10 for twelve and then picked up 5fixed while I was here.. There is a lot of choices to be made in here.. I have made good ones and dumb ones.. I have been scared to get out as well.. I still am but I need to face my fears.. I am on the write a prisoner website so if you want to see a picture of me on there it is there. There is also more about me as well..
Well readers I am very excited to share my thoughts. You know where to find me..
@jpay .com Idaho..

Jason Mackerchar
DOC #77009

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