Melvin Monroe

Has kanYE become [un] fairly synonymous with crazAY? (part 1) -By Melvin Monroe

Distracted by the Hermes packaging

Hampered intellect revealed upon introspection

Loss of self identity
victim of tools provided by the dark net
or was it that
the heart was misguided by the excitement of the moment?

It is only when
the right one is
gone that
you are haunted by the lyric in the song that,
“Its so hard to say good bye to yesterday.”

We need not conform to the prophecy of destiny

Manifest destiny!!!

Meaning, every step that you take
is a self determination of where you want to be.
Where do you want to be?

Today everyone wants to be
a part of a movement
ALL LIVES MATTER. On to [the] ME TOO movement.

He, too, is he whom touched me in appropriately
Everything from gropping onto all that in your imagination can be seen

ALL LIVES MATTER, why must we focus on God’s opus of the black life before juxtaposing it
to the condition(s) of their environment;
we’re ALL on fire
in need of a hydrant… aren’t we?

The answer is simple…

Because I have to tell you that BLACK LIVES MATTER

Now on to the chitter chatter of Kanye’s sanity

The 13th Amendment was crafted when the black man was just over a half a man
it was during a time when slavery was an occupation

The black family was under occupation
which stands in diametric opposition of the Constitution itself
where in it states that, “All ‘man’ are created equal.”

Therein lyes the caveat

Three fifths a “man” is not a “man”, so the endowment by the CREATOR to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, is not all inclusive to one designated as such
So, Kanye called for the resignation of the above.

You see, slavery is only “abolished” if you aren’t indebted to the state or country for acts of crime. That being so, can it ever truly be “Abolished”? For a thing to be absolute there can be no qualifiers. That’s another conversation for another time.

Back to the point [that] I was looking to make.

I believe that it is the “qualifier” in the constitution making exception for slavery that Kanye has taken umbrage. Recognizing the correlation of that qualifier and the disproportionate number of incarcerated American citizens in comparison to other Countries that do not have that language in their Constitution should be alarming, if not in the least give cause for concern.

The U.S. makes up 4.4% of the worlds population of 7.6 billion. While housing 22% of the worlds incarcerated. That equates to 2,193,798. Which is the highest by far.

Now take a moment to settle in on this information. Better yet, I’ll offer you another visual.

China has a population of 1.386 billion with a prison population of 1,548,498. Their population is nearly three times that of the U.S., and the United States still houses over 600,000 more prisoners. Nearly one and a half times more than that of Russia who has a prison population of 874,161. Both countries are widely recognized for their human rights violations. Not to mention that they are [also] communist countries. Think about that. Is that the company one would like to be in?

Because Kanye is advocating a resistance movement against incarceration as a means of confronting society’s ills, particularly in the community of the black population that though they make up only 13% of the U.S. population, are roughly 60% of the U.S. prison population, he’s looking at those numbers and it’s hard not to consider, at least in the possibility, that prison is being used as a tool and a means to control a certain segment of its citizenry while at the same time it continues to benefit from what is virtually free labor of the under represented vulnerable and underclass that are disproportionately of the poor white and, mostly black, population that are incarcerated in America’s prisons and raises the question, “if the Amendment was scraped all together would there be as many prisons to house those deemed undesirable or unfit for the very society that they came into whom they were, or would more of government’s aims and resources be designated for the prevention of behaviors considered to be derelict or underdeveloped when it comes to their social or moral aptitude?”

Business owners and insurers know the value of prevention (far as health) when it comes to the bottom line. Therefore, if those in government are truly in the business of “making America great again” then prevention (over imprisonment) is a tried and true method. So why not invest in such action unless there is an nefarious agenda at play? If there isn’t, make it plain. I read once that, “In the absence of I impropriety avoid even the appearance.” I strive to live by that.

What I gather from Kanye’s position is simple. You don’t need to tell a black person today that they are a complete person. They always knew it. That was needed for whites of that day. Nor do you need to tell society at large that black people are not, nor ever to be, slaves. By and large that is accepted as an irrefutable fact for most. However, an irrefutable fact nonetheless.

So, just like you don’t need a sign in Walmart stating, “NO COOKING IN THE AISLE”, there no longer is an Amendment needed stating the above regarding slavery once it has become clear that that is a given.

America is a powerful country. Whether it is in the Constitution or no, if it desires to enslave anyone it is well within its capacity. So let’s not pretend those words are where the power lyes. For today, as in the days of the Constitution’s drafting, the power lyes with[in] the people.

Therefore, Kanye is asking that we credit the America of today with the desire to for fill the spirit the Constitution has inspired, that being : “That all man are created equal and endowed by the Creator with the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Only free men can enjoy that with a surety.

(part 1 of 2)

DOC #1040513


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