Games of Royalty by RODNEY FENNER

Hello world. This scene isn’t from any of my books, but I’m thinking about making a whole book full of erotic stories though. It was originally written for someone because I knew they wanted it. I liked it, so I’m sharing it with fictitious names. Tell me what you think. I have a bunch more. Peace.

[Games of Royalty]
The first thing he saw was her face. She was in a beautiful sleep. Her lips were slightly upturned, so she was having a pleasant dream. With his eyes, he traced the lines of her lips. Then he moved to the soft curves of her cheeks and the slope of her nose. Her eyes were closed, but he could swear her intense brown eyes could see through the drawn shades of her eyelids. He let his eyes admire the natural thickness of her lashes before he went to her hair. The whole time, her twisted and knotted locks were partially obscuring her face, but he’d chosen to see past them. Now, he allowed his eyes to focus on them. He had always been so enamored with her hair. He followed the twists and turns of individual ones that stood out to him, touching them with his sight from root to tip. When he was done, he carefully removed the five that were obstructing her face so he could combine her separate features to view the sum of her elegant beauty as a whole. Gorgeous.
She always hogged the blanket, so it was no surprise that his body was only covered from the waist down because of her selfishly lopsided distribution of the blanket. This made him smile. He tugged gently at the blanket and she flinched, gripping it tighter and rolling away from him so she was on her back. He quietly snickered and tried again. Slowly, the blanket moved and inch by inch, her body was revealed to the sunlight that filtered through the sheer black curtains. Soon, her complete nakedness was highlighted by the glow of the early morning sun and available to him.
His sight was fed a feast. He drove her body with his eyes, sometimes going at breakneck speeds around her curves and sometimes just cruising the strips of her straightaways, but never did he hit the brakes. He began at her feet, traveling her arches and maneuvering the hills of her ankles to the straightaways of her shins. He rounded her calf muscles and kept going up the thickness of her thighs. He enjoyed them both equally before he slowed to stare at the scenery of their junction. Soft, fluffy folds guarded the entrance to her deep, compact cavern. He could feel himself salivate inside his mouth at the thought of the warmth her cave held. With every stitch of foilage removed and the sun shining on it, her cave was magnetically attracting him, but instead of exploring the tight, wet and warm contours of her interior, he continued his journey. He traversed her smooth, slightly concave belly and arrived at the two mountains adorning her chest. First, his eyes circumnavigated both mountains and took a moment to appreciate the peaceful rise and fall of her chest. Then they made the climb, marveling at the stiff peaks and sliding down the other sides. The final stop was her neck. The skin around it was stretched taut. So taut, in fact, he could see the steady pulse in the side of her neck. It was calling him, beckoning him to kiss, suck and lick. Without realizing he’d done it, he licked his lips.
He quickly assessed how he would attack her and carefully made his way to the foot of the bed so he wouldn’t wake her. Squatting so her feet were right in front of his eyes, he looked between them to see how her legs converged on each other to create the entrance to his paradise. Then, he leaned forward and licked the arch of her foot slowly, pressing down with his tongue. She reflexively slid her foot back and moaned. In doing so, her legs parted more and he could see a small sliver of the pink velvet lining his utopia. This was motivation. He moved to her other foot, putting her whole big toe in his mouth and suckling for a second. Grabbing the foot so she couldn’t retract it, he sucked a few toes and kissed his way around her arch until he got to her ankle.
“Bae?” That one word word was infused with drowsiness and her eyes hadn’t opened yet. Tamia was gradually waking, but not awake.
He paid her no attention. Instead, he continued. He pressed his tongue to the top of her ankle and began dragging it up her leg slowly. When he reached the inside of her thigh, she moaned again.
“Uuummm.” Tamia opened her eyes. ” Gavin.”
“Yes, your Majesty?” Gavin locked eyes with her and made sure she watched him lay his face on the inside of her thigh while he sent his tongue to give her clitoris the first stroke of a good morning. He felt the flesh beneath his cheek tremble and stroked her clitoris again. He felt her hands land on his head and caress it. “Uh-uh.” He pointed. “Hands on the headboard.” ,he demanded.
Tamia was elated. She was sure she’d still be spent after the vigorous way he dug into her the previous night, but awakening to his tongue’s expedition of her body had her instantly and fully energized. She still felt like she was dreaming as her heart beat a little faster. She gave him a devilish grin. “Of course.” She flattened her hands against the headboard. “My King.”

He watched her comply and continued to scrutinize her face as he started at the bottom of her lips, parted them with the tip of his tongue and brought it to the top of her smooth lips to meet her clitoris. Gavin could hear the strong, drawn out intake of air through her teeth during his slow lick. He lapped at her this way a few more times before he began kissing and sucking her lips. Next, he invaded her folds and sucked on her stiffened clitoris.
She didn’t know what to do with her body at first. Tamia couldn’t move her hands, but after that first long lick sent a shiver radiating to the rest of her body from between her legs, she raised her legs and spread them as far as they would go. She did her best to wind her hips against his tongue, but every time she tried, he’d stop. He obviously wanted her still and that was the hardest thing in the world to do right now. She couldn’t rub his head. She couldn’t grind his tongue. She couldn’t even squeeze her own breasts or play with her nipples and they were begging to be fondled. So, she did the only thing she could. She stared him down, showing him with her face how he had leashed her rabid passion and that it was only waiting to find a weak link in the chain to break free. She held her expression until he built up the sensations in her body and lured a hard orgasm out of her. Tamia’s face melted into ecstasy and her eyes closed.
Gavin watched every titillating moment of her torture. He knew keeping still was killing her. He knew it was tearing her apart that he was touching her with nothing but his tongue and not being able to touch herself was undoubtedly driving her insane. He was loving it.
He was catching her orgasm with his mouth, rotating between licking her and sucking her like a straw. He pulled back and he could feel the warmth of her juice slithering down from both corners of his mouth. He grabbed her foot and wiped one side of his mouth with the inside of her foot. Then, he licked it off, sucking each toe individually as an afterthought.
Slowly, he climbed up her body on a mission, making sure he dragged the weight of his body on hers. Placing his face over hers, he looked into he eyes. He could see the tempest of passion and sexual aggression lying beneath them. This made him smile, but he wasn’t ready to weather her storm yet. He could tell how badly she wanted him to kiss her or at least touch her body with the caress of his strong hands. He denied her and instead sat up on his knees and moved up her body. With two fingers, he wiped the remaining juice from his bottom lip and the side of his mouth. Next, he took those fingers and smeared the thick liquid over the tip of his penis. His other hand went behind her head, lifting it slightly and cradling it.
“Open.” ,he commanded.
Tamia obeyed with no words and a smile. She could instantly taste herself on him and it only made her wetter and more aggressive. Inside, she tugged on the chains he’d given her. She tried to lift her head more to take more of him in her mouth, but his hand snapped shut on her dreadlocks, preventing her. He was only allowing her to have his head. She looked up at him, saw him looking back at her and could tell he was enjoying this. She decided to give her best performance with her mouth on his head. In rhythm with him going in and out of her mouth, she was squeezing her insides. She was priming herself, imagining that her mouth was another part of her anatomy. Her legs closed on their own and began rubbing together. After two or three minutes of this, a lightening bolt from the storm inside her struck between her legs a second time.
He had to pull away from her. She was so dangerous when she got this way, no matter what position she was in. He saw she was enthralled in her passion and in the throes of another orgasm. Tamia’s body was an instrument she manipulated very well and her energy was highly infectious. That meant that if she was cumming, he would inevitably follow suit. Too soon for that.
Gavin repositioned himself between her legs, but didn’t enter her. He chose to wrap his arms around her body, hug her and roll their bodies so she she was on top. Her hands broke contact with the headboard and she immediately returned them, but she was too late. He noticed. He raised his hand and smacked her ass, creating a sound and echo that easily could’ve been heard beyond the closed door of their room. His other hand repeated the action and then they both went in unison. He could tell by her scream he’d only further stoked her fire. Good.
“Up.” ,he directed.
Tamia rose, her pelvis hovering over his.
He grabbed himself and started brushing his head between her lips. There was so much heat emanating from her opening, he felt like he was playing at the door to a furnace. He could see her lick her lips. Anticipating. Begging with her eyes.
“Do you love me?”
Tamia was on the verge of combustion, so her response came out breathy, passionate and a little impatient. “Yes.”
“Yes. I love you, my King.”
Gavin showed her every tooth in his smile before he put one hand on her waist for guidance and said, “Down.”
She was so relieved her heart began beating like it was trying to escape her chest as she very slowly began her descent. His head passed inside her. Finally. She vaguely felt his hand tighten on her waist. Then, both his hands were on her cheeks, squeezing and spreading her open for himself.

Down she went, squeezing herself as he forced her walls apart with his entry. Halfway down, both her legs started shaking, but she kept her descent steady. She was extremely sensitive sexually and she knew what was about to happen, but she was determined to prolong it as much as she could. Sensations were shooting to all parts of he body. Her toes were curling. Her legs were shaking harder. Her stomach tightened. Her breasts felt heavy with pleasure. Her neck was warm. She was salivating, causing her to bite her bottom lip. Her eyes elevated to the back of her head as she reached his base. A groan broke free from he lips, guttural and low.
“Your hands are free, my Queen.”
Tamia’s eyes opened. Her look was predacious. Her body was hungry and she very much intended to feed it. Instead of moving her hands, she used the headboard for leverage. Pressing herself onto him, her grind began at a relaxed pace. She saw him close his eyes in pleasure.
“Look at me.” Her command was feminine, but forceful. When he complied, she said, “Don’t close them.” Tamia leaned over him more. “Open.” His mouth opened and she fed him her breast. His hands abandoned her butt in favor of her breasts. For a minute, she let him handle them in the tender way that he did with his hands, lips and tongue because it felt magnificent coupled with her grinding and rocking. However, the power of control felt better. She moved her hands, swiping his away from her and pinning them above his head. “Stay.”
“As you wish, your Majesty.”
She continued grinding and rocking, alternately feeding him the breast of her choice. Her hands moved to his chest and she braced herself. Lifting, she swiftly ejected his penis to the tip. The friction and the instant void shook her whole body, but she didn’t even pause. She went down fast and hard. Tamia could hear him trying to restrain a moan and when she looked at him, he was still obediently staring back at her. She rode him rough, slamming her body down on his and digging her nails in his chest. She sat straight up and used her bent legs as springs, catapulting her up so she could crash down on him. She grinded and bounced. She was examining his face and could tell he was having trouble fighting to keep his eyes open, so she went harder, bungee jumping with his penis as the cord. Feeling the beginnings of sweat on her skin and not wanting to prematurely fatigue herself, she leaned over and kissed him.
Gavin desperately welcomed her lips. He lifted his head as much as he could to receive them. She teased him at first, licking his lips and only giving light kisses. Then, her mouth bore down on him. The fullness of her lips and probing tongue were a much needed distraction from what she was doing to him. She was crushing him and he loved it, but if he didn’t have anything else to focus on, the ride was over. He didn’t want that, so he sucked her tongue, sucked her lips, bit her lips and kissed her as vehemently as he could with his hands pinned over his head. Tamia moved her hands to cradle his head and squeeze her breast, but he knew his hands were still bound to their position by her command. Restrained by invisible shackles, he could only endure the ardent grinding and winding she was giving him and assert his mouth more fervently.
She loved his submission to her, but as she paused, straightened herself and looked down at him, she knew that submission was incomplete. She needed his total concession to her body and she knew how to get it. Without coming off him, she spun herself around until her backside was facing him. Then she grabbed his ankles, leaned forward and looked back at him. Just as she suspected, his eyes were on the ceiling. He was trying to resist the plump, round kryptonite she’d put in front of him. She knew how much he loved her ass; the thickness, the softness, the weight of it pressed against him and the waves that surfaced when it made contact with him.
“Did I say you could stop looking at me?”
Gavin’s eyes snapped back to meet Tamia’s. He knew what she was doing. He knew as soon as she started to spin on him. He also knew he couldn’t stop her. Once he solidified the connection of their lines of sight, she began. Her cheeks started jumping. Left, left, left. Right, right, right. Both, both, both, both. She rocked back and forth on him while her cheeks kept jumping. He was struggling not to break eye contact to look directly at them because he wanted to badly, yet he could still see and it was still having the desired effect.
“My King.” Tamia stopped moving and arched her back so he had a clear view of himself inside her. “Your hands are freed.”
The first thing he did was smack her ass. She yelped and squeezed his ankles. He replied by smacking her other cheek and eliciting another yelp.
“Again Baby.”
He obliged and she resumed her up and down motions. This time though, he was meeting her downs with his upward thrusts. She held on to his ankles, he held on to both her cheeks and they both fervently bounced their bodies off one another. Gavin felt her tighten around him and met both her cheeks on their way up with solid smacks. She tightened around him more and he could see her glaze all over him. This made him swell inside her. He thrusted harder. She clenched and came down harder. He squeezed her cheeks and held her in place while he pounded her. The tingling started at his base and quickly launched upward. He stopped pumping and she started rocking, grinding and making her ass jump as she pulled his seed from him. He shook under her and his body relaxed.
Tamia grinned. “Well good morning to you too.” She laughed.

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