Da'Von Motley Sr.

Untitled by: Da’Von Joshua Motley Sr.

In this new place, a new way of life, a new dwelling, new everything. Its difficult accepting change of any kind. Being that we are emotional creatures its hard to hold in the pain and hurt. Its easy to not talk to anyone in the situation I’m in. When you move, your body language tells a lot. When you do something so simplistic as looking, the pain is embedded deep in your eyes. Your heart barely beats and the rain thumps loudly on the windows. The empty ness settles in as if it moved to a new bigger and brighter home. Thinking about what ifs are ways to ease the pain. Then reality settles in next door to emptiness. Sometimes the pain is unbearable and you curl up and sleep. Your dreams turn into nightmares. You don’t remember the bad ones, only the good ones, just to remind you of what you can’t have. You loose control of your tears and they run wild escaping your eyes. Thinking about the future is unbearable only because of its uncertainty. You look forward to love, but you don’t know where or what it looks like. The possibilities are infinite but you already know those that aren’t. What’s love anyway, can someone please explain it to me, please?!?!? How can a happy marriage be possible after all this???

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Mr. Da’Von Joshua Motley Sr. #707-119
Allen Correctional Institution
2338 N. West St.
Lima, OH 45801-2038

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  1. You can’t know give love, to a marriage or another individual, until you know it yourself. It’s like a man trying to teach his son to fish but doesn’t even know how to use a pole. You carry so much pain, try and work through that… Growing into a person you like! You’ll feel life changing as you do. Don’t give up.


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