Kyle Spy


Be you at all times
whatever you do makes you the person you are
well wat if the person you are
isn’t the person you wanna be so that means you can’t be you at all times
does that mean change the person you are to become the person you wanna be wat if you know all the stuff you need to do to change
but its hard and you can’t change does that mean give up on the person you wanna become and you know the person you will become will be a better for you for and your surrounding does that makes you selfish to others does that mean I don’t love myself cause I can’t change well wat if I’m not myself at all times cause I love myself I knw I have problems the person I wanna become is perfect nobodys perfect remember that be yourself even if u are tryna become a better person own up to yourself face the facts you are who you are ………….#justoffdatop##latenite#

Kyle Spy
DOC #654769

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