Jerome Robinson

by Jerome Robinson

Hey My people, I’ve been sitting here wondering when i could get the chance to talk to afew good understanding people who want to hear my topics about whats been going on out there in the free world, I have been noticing a lot of stuff that needs to be discussed, And i really fell like i can get my voice out there if someone would only give me a shot, I love talking about anything a person wants to talk about, just give me hollow and we will see whats up. I love writing and typing, my name and address will be listed at the bottom so any time u fell the urge to type me , here is my info, Jerome Robinson#120703 1630 Prison Rd. Cottonport, La 71327 Remember i’am only afew steps away from a computer, I must tell the reader or readers that i have be incarcerated for quite some time now and doing this time of incarceration i have learn alot of useful skills dealing with work, my work hetic is consistent, i have mad carpenter skills, So when i do get release, I’ll be more than happy to build u something.. Until then. Go Saints Go!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerome Robinson
DOC #120703

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  1. I love reading Inmate Blogger. I have been incarcerated myself and expected to be doing more time in Federal prison. But keep the good posts coming.

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