Through his WISDOM, GOD manifests the CREATION of his mind – by Lovell Prince (aka: Black King)

The mathematics of the day present themselves as WISDOM [2] GOD [7], which borns [equals] BORN [9]. Within the Nation of Gods and Earths (NGE), we breakdown the science within our eight point curriculum to cee [understand clearly] the vibration our universe is rotating in. Nah, the God ain’t bugging … this is real lyfe science. Of course I will show and prove my understanding. You cee, the vibration one is in is simply the energy that is rotating at a certain rate of speed. For example: Whenever you find some unexpected money, you notice a vibration within your being that is moving at a high rate of speed. You might even say that it is a “feeling”. A good feeling, right? Okay, that vibration is commonly known as a mood, and wise elevators within the NGE utilize the lessons and degrees we were given to breakdown the reality of our existence. In this build [essay] I will take you through the process of today’s mathematics in accordance to my level of understanding.
The two of today’s date is represented by the principle of WISDOM, whereas the seven is symbolic to GOD. Now two and seven combined equals nine, which is the principle of BORN … thus the science of “Through his WISDOM, GOD manifests the CREATION of his mind.” You cee, WISDOM is symbolic to either the Blackwoman, or one’s wise words, ways, and/or actions. GOD is the Original Blackman, and BORN is the process of cultivation being complete – CREATION (anything that is borned has been created through a process … creation). Thus in essence today’s mathematics tells me that my (God) wise words, ways, and/or actions (Wisdom) will show and prove my thoughts through what I have accomplished (Borned/Created) – that is on the mental plane of this science. Here is an example of the physical plane as well –> my (God) woman (Wisdom) shows and proves the energy I radiate through the mental and physical well being, or lack of, of our children that she gives birth to (Born/Create). Hold up, for good measure I shall expound with another example of mental reality of this science concerning man and woman: My (God) Queen (Wisdom) reflects the electromagnetic radiation [light] I shine through her accomplishments (Borns/Creations) in lyfe. You cee/see how simple this exercise is? Neophyte Gods and Earths, this is why it is so important to renew your history everyday by doing the day’s mathematics –> so you can understand your purpose, function, and method(s) as a civilized person on the planet. To those that are not citizens of the NGE, we break it all down on a daily basis in order to remain in tune with all that exists within and around us. Peace.


Lovell Prince
DOC #565-478


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