Kyle Spy

Introducing Kyle Spy

Hello my name is Kyle spy im 28 years old 5,10 155 pounds
I’ve been incarcerated since may 16th 2013 I plan on going home soon
I’m from Akron Ohio……I’m a good person overall I’m very big on change in a good way bettering your self and decisions for better outcomes I’ve been threw a lot in my years of living and I still have a long life ahead of me I still learn from my mistakes and I remember every day of my past that’s how I’m the person I am today I’m a big thinker I analyze everything l love to laugh I play sports I work out its my mediation I work on my case and pray daily I have a story to tell to my bloggers follow me trust me u don’t wanna miss this ………
If you want to contact me directly email me at

Kyle Spy
DOC #654769


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