John Mcconnell

Good Friends are Hard to Find by John Mcconnell (aka: Mac)

I now have some great things to say about this blogging website. For about a month I got absolutely zero results or feedback but finally last week I got a really cool friend outta the deal. She came as a blessing at a time when it seemed like nobody even remembered that I was still hereand as if everyone had forgotten about Mac, lol I love speaking in the 3rd person…. Anyhow, my new friend really seems 2 get “it” and understand and also is capable of putting herself into my shoes 2 try and understand how things are really different in here for us as opposed 2 being free. It is crazy how people link up but I do find it true that I believe everything in this life happens for a reason and nothing is just a chance encounter at all. I sometimes find myself wondering why such an awesome person would want anything 2 do with the likes of me but then I remind myself that haha I do happen 2 be “the shit” lol no but seriously she really wants 2 get 2 know me as a person and not just know me as a criminalized freak of society, she understands that being a criminal does not define me as a person ( even though I often find myself letting it) My new friend has definitely brightened my days as of lately and I am looking forward to our friendship growing as the days, weeks and months even years pass us by. I felt like writing about this 2night as I have found myself fortunate 2 have found such a cool new person 2 be in my life and actually wanna be my friend without any type of ulterior motives or bullshit. I feel really good about this and I just wanna let people know that this site is real and goos even great things can come from it. Inmateblogger definitelt recieves an Aplus from ole Mac….

John R. Mcconnell #731-514
po box 56 lebanon ,ohio
45036 LECI
Eds date 5/13/2036

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  1. J,

    Thank you for the kind words on your blog post. Yep I am the one you are talking about “Big Smile” It made my heart happy that I was able to give you some comfort and support during this tough time in your life. I will do what I can for moral support, friendship and do what I can to help. No person’s crimes define who they are as a person, we do shit out of anger, resentment, fear, adrenaline or just plain being under the influence of drugs, alcohol or both. Which means me are not thinking properly and make rash decisions. You my friend know a little about my story regarding the “system”. I try not to judge thus I be judged I believe in second chances in order to heal and move forward. Your beautiful words brought a smile to my face and for the first time since we started talking you sound like the man I know you are not the person that put you there. Here is to a good life long friendship…Baby steps so proud of you and I hear the happiness in your words let us keep moving in that direction..lessons, blessings or both…

    Your friend,

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