Robert Williams

(THE SEEDS OF NEW LEADERS) By Robert Williams (aka: B.U.D)

They are trying to crush us
but don’t they realize we are seeds?
True indeed there are positive seeds and negative seeds.
As a leader I’m aware that I have both you see,
I’m surrounded by people who don’t know how to water their good seeds
and continue to water their seeds of FEAR,ANGER,VIOLENCE, and GREED
I hear ,
questions get answered with questions.But I question the answer ,so that answer’s in question like WHY,
does the more fortunate get rich off of the poor
in a world where you can possibly get sick off of the cure..Its pure..
they say with every lesson there’s a blessing .
But how can we take time to realize when we can’t even recognize our own reflection..
The pain from it is depressing ,
perkosets ,xannys,
the medicine is the weapon if you hurting take it all that’s law not tekken ,don’t fight it
life’s stressors I’ll suppress em without lethal injections
just enlightenment.
And they want us to shut up and be quiet but its been to long its getting to loud now,
I’m starting to hear the silence .They say that the language of the unheard is a riot
I guess that’s alright if we can find serenity in violence .
How could a real leader feed his people poison
and sit back as if he enjoys it.
A real leader would never let his people endure this ,and at this rate I’m sure there’ll be more of this .
Until we do right all we’re doing goes wrong ,
and Satan’s successes are the greatest when he appears with gods name on his tongue.
For those that don’t hear me
maybe we need new speakers .The world is in trouble until we find new leaders..

Robert Williams
DOC #679- 743



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