Max McBride

Please don’t come back by: Max MCbride

Part 1

Its been 16 long yrs with 7 left thank God
I can finally see light at the end of tunnel
and its bright blessings but this ain’t really about me even doe I did come back after doing a yr,Prison is a daycare,
the way you grow in here is by self education flat out even the programs are
just for prisons to makemoney everything
is about money know days people come to prison like its a break from the streets,they just can’t wait to go back to the wild
there have to be a solution to this problem,tax payers y’all paying all this
money and getting nothing out of it
getting lock up is making people worster
when you come to prison most of your
family act you don’t exist image that world! no real love everybody faking with
you like here’s a example you call your
cousin our aunt that finally answer the phone a month after they sent word through your
Mom or Dad to call them and the first thing they say “how you doing family we
been talking about you need something”
Now this is a trick question because if you say yes its a chance they won’t answer for another month, now don’t get
me wrong its not like that for all of us but alot of us
and that makes people angry and start to plot ,that’s just one of the many things
then you got mental health patients in general population ,that cause unnecessary problems for a person that’s focus on bettering thereself for
society and the food is horrible it could be alright if they cook it right, prison is a
sad story and it differently ain’t no place
to come back to I’ve seen some many
comeback and go home and die
We need to change this cycle
The people and God bless to you all

I write these words from my heart because we as a whole is losing are world and this ain’t what God made us for he made us
to keep this world alive for generations to
come everybody should get a chance to
enjoy life but only we the people can make that happen #We are the world
Sincerely Max Da Great

Max MCbride
DOC #A466513


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