Eddie Bean

Outta Sight Outta Mind by Eddie Bean!!

Its Ironic, Although I’m incarcerated I did grow up with good morals and values, I respect people who have standards and self control, I try to live my life with some type of moral compass, I try to respect everyone, those in my circle and my direct family I feel I owe a certain type of loyalty to. My brother Joey was a great man, He understood loyalty and that bond between family that says Know matter where you are (Far or Close) I’ll be there to hold you down because we knew the feelings have always been mutual!He passed away in the end of July just a few short months ago, I’ve been locked up for 12 years now and a lot of people in society don’t understand(mostly threw no fault of there own) How much individuals like myself NEED that support from friends and family!!! Whether it be Money for Commissary, or just a simple Hello or How you doing !!!! We all put ourselves here and I’m not downplaying the fact that we should pay for our wrong doings, because we should……but I am a human being we are good people and good things can and will come from us with the right modivation and LOYAL support system. I am a great man with integrity and dignity, so all of ya’ll out there in the free world, if ya’ll know someone incarcerated shout them out, take a minute out your day to say hello, send some pictures, visit let us know that although were out of sight were never out of mind. ~

Eddie Bean
DOC #544-707


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