John Seay

“In my head” by: John Seay

this isn’t right cause your not here,
tired of looking and realizing my fear.
To much time for one’s thoughts, living with so many regrets. How could we become what we hate? Love and abuse cannot coexist, yet we claim to have loved one another. sleepless nights and mind games to much to deal with, no outlet to vent what is pent up. waiting to exhale and wake up from this nightmare. time goes bye with no end in sight, it is to much to fight? struggling with this whole forgiveness thing cause what we did to one another is unforgiving, or so it seems. know there’s a better way now, my only wish is I would have known this way back in the beginning. constantly dealing with unhealthy thoughts and people, surrounded by so much hate and negativity, don’t know how to handle this reality, trying to move forward with faith, love, and hope…. looking for til death do us part and a family to call my own. right before a breakthrough is when the enemy attacks the most, learning to see and understand the enemy before and during the attack and calling on the name of Jesus Christ! Spiritual warfare is real and can be very draining. have to use the weapons given to me from my Father in Heaven, His word is where I find life’s answers. just a quick journey through ones mind in his present state of incarceration. finding a healthy way to vent and address ones issues. I’m thankful for coming to prison and entering into a relationship with Jesus Christ, just not fond of what led me to being incarcerated. all things are for the glory of God, its my job to be a witness for Christ and to share my testimony. I’m not proud of all my actions or words throughout my life, but I know I’m not that same person any longer, for that I am proud, proud that God loved me enough to give me a second chance. just looking for my opportunity to rejoin those in society. no doubt I’ll make it cause with God all things are possible. been awhile since my last post been working on my petition for appeal on my motion to vacate. legal work is very stressing and quite hard to understand. to the reader, have a blessed and happy day.

John Lewis Seay #1186157
Nottoway Correctional Center
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville, VA. 23922


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  1. Not sure if you remember me but we dated for a year and a half back when we were 18/19. I got to see the sweet side of you. You weren’t and aren’t a bad person. I pray that you get your appeal. I can see that you are truly sorry for your actions. Take care.


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