Eugene Campbell

(Double Jeopardy Clause, Fifth Amendment ) by EUGENE CAMPBELL

Placed in confinement the Seg.Completed terms and conditions back on 7/7/18, to 10/16/18, their rules 51, 39 appeal process still pending or falling on deaf ear here in W.C.I. no answer,to go on ,on 9/27/18 from the same offense being multiple punishments added rules 54,60 ,further appealing, still no answer.Now under such Usurp of authority ,included my only daughter, being my Power of Attorney,graduate student of Texas University, no criminal behavior at all, W.C.I. go along to attack my children meaning taking them off my son also off my Jpay account and visiting list.My son who has never send nor receives email here at W.C.I. This is my children who has no involvement at all ,being stripped from me,should not be taken at all ,especially punish ,being (permanent)
from my J pay account and visiting list.
Violation of my Fifth Amendment, Double Jeopardy Clause to the U.S. Constitution, (1) a second prosecution for the same offense after punishment, (2) a second prosecution for the same offense after conviction and (3) multiple punishment of the same offense.State v.Gallegos 254 p.3d 655 (N.M. 2011). Third category multiple punishment violated in two ways(1) multiple punishment under the same statute for the same conduct unit of prosecution issue and (2) conviction under different statute but the same criminal activity serves as basis underlying the multiple charges. To determine whether conduct was “Unitary”. This must stop!!! Help!!!

DOC #a743-354

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