Eugene Campbell

(Cellphone Requires Warrant here in W.C.I) by EUGENE CAMPBELL

Be it incarcerated or in society there are constitution rights that must be follow.The failure to do so violates rights under the Fourth Amendment. Digging into a cellphone to obtain its number,constituted a search each that required a warrant, tossing all evidence against one having such,even The Court further explained that under Riley there is”no exception for what police or courts may deem a ‘minimally invasive’ search,as the trial court in the case at bar found or a ‘ minimal intrusion; as found by the Superior Court”.The U.S. Supreme Court in Riley is clear.Absent an applicable exception to the warrant requirement, ” any search of a cell phone requires a warrant”,
In Wong Sun,the U.S. Supreme Court held that any evidence obtained in a unlawful search may not be used in any respect.This include evidence and witnesses that were ” indirect product” of the search,both direct evidence and indirect product derived from the direct evidence. This is to put an end to by the usurp of authority and come to grips that there will be no problems ,if we here at W.C. I. having our phone tablets, like other level 3 ,an 4, prisons,that already has theirs.Is someone listening, help us please!

DOC #a743-354

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