Demetrius Braxton

“What’s Love Mean Today?” By: Demetrius Braxton

Love, a four letter word of mystery;
how is it that one should come to know the truth and depth’s of such a profound word.
When I say ‘I love you’, is it not eternal?;
Does it not smother you until you can no longer fight the fierce emotion of adoration that I have for you and then you finally cave into my warm joy from the exhaustive battle you put up trying to runaway from me.
After becoming aware as to the total condemnation of my love, the recipient usually tucks tail and runs far into the distance away from me and hides until the sun burns away.The fear that one could give you their all is something that amenable lovers just becomes unresponsive to me.
So what is this love word that we use so casually and everybody chooses to talk about in so exclusively?;
Love is a mystery unto the common modern man and woman, due to the lack of Loyalty.Officiousness.lack of Vulnerability. and the void of Emotions.

Demetrius Braxton
DOC #a731130


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