Tommy Williams

Tired of talking. By Tommy Williams.

There are many things going in on the world today that can be discussed.
What happened to Kanye? Was Jordan better than Lebron ? Could Mike beat Ali ? Michael Jackson or Prince ? 2PAC or Biggie ? Jay z or Nas ? Top 5 artists, Athletes , attractive women. You can debate these things until the end of time because these are things you can afford just talk about.

As I stated Above,
There’s so many things in the word that we can afford to just talk about.
But when it comes to.
* Acts of violence against men , women , and children.
* Sexual assaults against women and children.
* Racism/sexism/ any form of discrimination.
* lives that matter.
* The opioid epidemic.
* Uneducated children.
* Under paid teachers.
* The we don’t care about your healthcare system.
* The this can’t be legal system.
* The broken prison system.
* The we support our troops, unless it’s financial.

There’s so many in the world that we can afford to just talk about. Then there are things that we just can’t. It’s time for action. Am I the only one tired of talking?

Tommy Williams
DOC #420-268


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