Carlos Piper

(MY THOUGHTS) by Carlos Piper

so I’m on my way out the door in less then a year after doing 10 years in prison its a bitter sweet feeling bitter because I’m leaving behind friends n people who’ve become like family to me n also because I became accustomed to this prison life I hate to say but I’m institutionalized and I’m nervous about coming home for a few reasons one main reason is because I’m in the “lifestyle” and old enemies don’t disappear unless u kill them so I’m going right back to a situation where I might have to do something defending myself that can put me back in here I have friends that was in my circle that got killed when they got out one as recent as last year and I talked to him on the phone the day he got killed he just left me in prison 2 months b4 that the 3rd close childhood friend that I knew for 15 years its sad but that’s what I’m used to, now I’m thinking am I next? I have 2 daughters that don’t know me 10 & 13 I’ve been gone their whole lives lord knows its so much more then just being released from prison despite that I am exited to move forward with my life im also VERY involved in pursuing a career in music! i have been recording, reaching out, n networking throughout my incarceration I and everyone I came across that heard my music believe I have a very promising future in music so I’m hoping to use that as motivation to stay out of the streets and to focus on doing that, I’m looking for any connections on that topic you can contact me through jpay (CARLOS PIPER 680422-D state NJ) also on (Facebook under > Los Young) or email me at : I need all the help and advice I can get also if anybody want to just converse feel free to hit me up ima great conversation 🙂 with that said I Holla at u guys next go around

Carlos Piper
DOC #680422-D


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