Jonathan Banks

MERE THOUGHTS:10-24-2018 By: Jonathan Banks

Broken Hearted from broken expectations,that are influenced by broken dreams……
Many of us have come from broken environments,which birth irrational beleifes for us to conduct ourselves in broken ways…….
Many have found contempt resilience in the broken lifestyle.
Abducted from an broken way of life,for showing forth broken actions that I only new to live.To be placed in a even more broken environment,where more broken souls enter by the thousands every second only to further break themselves…..
For those who wish to fix what’s been broken for years.You can’t fix those who surround you in the broken environment, it’s too many to fix.Can’t run from it.It’s everywhere you go!!!Trying to avoid the brokenness only leaves you to get trampled!!!
So the conclusion to fix what you wish to become of yourself and where you wish to be,IS TO RISE ABOVE IT ALL!!!!

DOC #AD2935


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