Steven Cottrell

Inspired by Steve Cottrell

This life I’ve been living have only inspired me to never let this time get to me bcuz I know I’ll be in society sooner then later. A lot of different things inspire ppl for different reasons but every since I got locked down I said I’ll never let the time I received break me from being who I’ve always been. I said I’m gone go in do my time and come home but to do that I knew I had to get smarter while I was here so I got my GED and started researching different cases similar to mine and got myself back in court and my fight is still on going. I’ve also been inspired by not giving the ppl that put me here the satisfaction to think this time can break me from who I am. Jehovah has been the balance in my life and is what helps me each and everyday that I’m in here. I give him all the glory and thanks. If you have never been locked down this can be the most miserable and depressing place for someone weak and that’s why its good to have some type of support from the outside world bcuz you have to make sure you try your hardest not to get caught up in the penitentiary ways of living but you also have to be able to survive bcuz its true when they say only the strong survive. My son inspires me too bcuz almost all of his life I’ve been in jail but I’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to be in his life and build a bond with him. So I’ll leave you with this no matter what your going through always keep your head up and never let them see you sweat bcuz you never know when you are inspiring someone.

Steve Cottrell
DOC #431-764


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