Living To Be Apart Of God’s Kingdom by Terry D. Crossty

Everything that was made by God, he gave man authority over. God gave Adam the title as head of the house. God told Adam to guard his house from the devil,Satan . When God made man he made us so we can demonstrate his greater glory. In order to receive anything from God we have to be willing to #1 operate under his kingdom and#2 be willing to serve others. When God pours his blessings over us, he don’t do it just for us alone. God does it so we can help others with the blessings. So do me a favour for now on when you ask God for blessings in your life , let him know that when he blesses you how you can use that blessing to help others.

If you are a Christian you have been chosen not only to be saved in heaven but to be great in history. In the book of Matthew20:26-27 Tells us But it shall not be so among you: But whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister.And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant.
So getting greatness comes by servant hood and listening to the king of the kingdom God. In the Bible whenever God used a man, he always called them to do something more than they thought they could do. Remember moses was the meekest man that ever lived, Everybody has a purpose and a destiny. In order to live in your purpose and reach your destiny you have to be broken. You have to be broken of rebellious independence. When being broken you don’t lose speed or power. You are just being broken into God’s will. God will make you meek so he can make you great. The biggest Christian man is the one who has gone low for God. See, when you go low before God that’s when you can achieve greatness. We all are called not to just be ordinary beings but extraordinary beings. When you think about living to be apart of God’s kingdom, that in it’s self carries authority. When you are living for God’s kingdom you are representing God. You can manage your life by reading The Holy Bible. Which is important because now we live in a world full of chaos and destruction , pain and anguish. So in times like this we have to stay prayed up. We as believers have to be the ones to help bring unbelievers out of bondage its time to break the chains. with this I pray that all who read this will be blessed in some way form or fashion. May God be with us all have a blessed day.

Terry crossty #688-887
Le.C.I. p.o. box 56
State Rt.63
Lebanon, Ohio , 45036


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  1. Thank you for your insight and heart to help share God’s Kingdom and love to all of his creation. I know that God hears your prayers and I would love to have you pray for the cause of the abused and abandoned children in the world. There cries for help are rarely heard in the earth, but Heaven hears and longs to see the people here helping them. Will you please pray for God’s heart to be revealed for the children in Foster Care and the young adults that have aged out of foster care only to find themselves alone and desperate for direction and help?
    The court systems need eyes to see as do the people, so pray for the blinders to be removed from them, so justice and love can become the plum line and not the downfall and ruin of many. Thank you! God bless you!


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