Lovell Prince

The Knowledge of God in the Universal Flag – by Lovell Prince (Black King)

This build [essay] is dedicated to my beloved Queen Que Que.

There are Wise Wisdom [22] points in the Universal Flag of I.S.L.A.M. – and Knowledge God [17] of them exist in the reality of Allah and his Wisdom living out the Build [8] points of our curriculum. You cee Sun [Blackman] and Moon [Blackwoman], Allah is represented as the SOLID BLACK SEVEN, which has God [7] points to it. The wisdom body [woman] is portrayed in her form of the SOLID YELLOW CRESCENT MOON, which has Wisdom [2] points – makes it Born [9] points thus far with Allah’s seven, and his Wisdom’s two. Now take the Build [8] points of lyfe:
1-Supreme Mathematics
2-Supreme Alphabets
3-King’s Cipher Lesson (Student Enrollment 1-10’s)
4-Master’s Equality Lesson (English Lesson C-1 1-36’s)
5-King’s Culture Lesson (Lost Found Muslim Lesson #1 1-14’s)
6-Nation’s Cipher Lesson (Lost Found Lesson #2 1-40’s)
7-Allah’s Mastery Lesson (Actual Facts 1-13’s)
8-Allah’s Creation Lesson (Solar Facts 1-9’s)
And add it to the lyfestyle of the King and his Queen … that is what you get –> the 36 keys; the completion of your environment (have all that you need); knowing and understanding everything within your circumference, and interacting with them all justly; living out the existence of a true ruler; enabling the Nation to move with no restrictions as a self sufficient entity; showing and proving to be A.L.L.A.H. through your mastery and creation of everything you surround your self with. The nine points of Allah [7] and his Wisdom [2], plus the eight points of our curriculum –> 7+2+8=17! KNOWLEDGE GOD [17]. Therefore, the reality of Allah and his Wisdom living out their Book of Lyfe shows and proves the Knowledge of God in our Universal Flag. What is the Knowledge of God? The seed of lyfe! Build with me. Peace.

Honorable Lovell Prince
DOC #565-478


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