Matthew Epperson

Oct 22nd Journal Entree by Matthew Epperson

Monday again. I love Mondays now. Everyone in the dorm either has work or school to go to. It’s quiet and I can get some work done. Of course, I get some work done every time I pick up my novel. Yesterday I finished the hand written version of chap. 21. So, I’m looking to have it completed by this weekend. Ever since I moved over to dorm 6, I’ve been mostly consistent in my work. I haven’t stopped longer than 3 days. Eh, maybe 4. There were those times I was getting high and not getting work done. Man, if I could get back that wasted time. Hell, I’d probably be on chap 23. After I revise chap 21, I know 22 and 23 are going to be WAY difficult. I have a whole new mentality about the relationship between Shawn and Calvin. There is going to be reconciliation. I wonder if I give too much away in my narration? I’m concerned I’m not leaving anything to the readers imagination, yet I’m concerned that I’m skipping long term details that’ll come to life in later dialogues.

I’m happy. Here in prison, with 8 years and 10 months left on my sentence, I am happy. I have music, I have writing, I have friends, and I have a relationship with Jesus Christ. God has blessed me. Sure, it’s prison and it sucks that my choices are limited, but it is life. And it won’t go on forever. In here, away from distractions, away from women, and mostly away from drugs and alcohol, I can create a future with nothing more than my imagination. I have hope behind these walls. I will be successful. And I will take this experience and make it a testimony to encourage others. I often think about speaking to crowds of people and encouraging them. I would love to get out and travel around, speaking at seminars, promoting my music and literature. That would be a dream come true. I don’t even know the first thing about setting those types of things up. Do I get a manager? I imagine when I actually record my first album I’ll need a manager to set up gigs and connect me to the right people. Ha! Manager! I act like I’m going to be famous. Silly me. Though, it would be pretty cool to have a following. Which I guess I technically do because of the blog… FUCK! It’s Monday! I have to blog! About what? BLOG WHAT!?!?

There’s a look at my morning mind. 😉

Go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
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