by Ronald Johnson

please make sure to get K.S.A.21-4639/Renumber 21-6628(c) in 2011. For per this Law I as well of HUNDREDS of others men and women,were and should of been called back to the District Courts the person have the sentence out of. It has been almost 5 years now that these District Courts have not obeyed the law and called us back to court to Modify our sentences as the law provides,as the Hard 50 Sentence has been Ruled Unconstitutional per State v, Soto (2014), which stems from Alleyne v. United States(2013).The Districts Courts have Ignored this for almost 5 years, however they did not delay the law when convicting us, Please Support TRENDING this very Important starting with the kansas Legislature @ and every pulbic offical in the State, your help and support is welcomed and needed for justice to work for all even the accused and convicted as the Law says and Provides sometimes we Must Pull Together to make Justice For All, Thank you,

Ronald Johnson EDCF #79020
P.o.Box 311
El Dorado, Ks. 67042

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