Tyler Glore

Broken Angel By Tyler Glore

While sleeping one night, I had a Dream that left a tale to tell. I had dreamed that I saw an angel and she wasn’t looking well. Her body was bruised and battered. Her wings were ripped and torn. I saw she could barely walk. She was tired and her hope was worn. I walked to her and asked. ” Angel, How could this be? ”
She tried to smile as she gathered her thoughts and these words she said to me. “I’m your guardian Angel, Quite a task as you can see, you’ve lived a wild life and with that you must agree, You have broken hearts and broken laws, What you see is what you’ve done to me, these bruises are from shielding you. I’m doing my best.
But even still, these drugs you’ve used so dangerously I’ve often paid the bill. My wings you see are ripped and torn. A noble bridge I bare. so many times I’ve shielded you from dangers being unaware. Yes each mark bares a story of pain and devils, I’ve destroyed. you’ve made me wish more than once that I was unemployed. If only you could choose to live and do so on your own. It could stop your pain and suffering that comes from being alone. I will be there to watch over you until my powers fail, I can’t say when that day will be because I’m getting old and frail. ”
A short time after I awoke, thought about my dream, about how much does she actually care? I looked around my prison cell but this time I looked around from my heart. I sank in despair, as for some kind of life within these walls. I sat back and wondered why I even try. Then somewhere in the distance, I heard my angel cry.

~ Tyler Glore ~
DOC #612~991


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