David White


”To The Women This May Concern”

I say this with THE UP MOST RESPECT…but hello BEAUTIFUL QUEENS of the UNIVERSE,I’m not telling YOU not to be picky.I’m also not telling a women not to put us men threw some test either, because we need to be tested….however every women cant just treat every man wrong because yall came across some stupid ass niggas in your life’s…
I Truly Believe That There are 3 Type of Men that Leave Prison….

1). The MEN that changes for the BETTER
2). The MEN that remain the SAME
3).The MEN that changes for the WORST

As for myself…I truly KNOW that I have changed for the better…Because I made the necessary steps to elevate myself MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALLY…in order for my changes to become concrete.
So after I had a full understanding of SELF or ME….
I Strive myself to understanding the universes greatest creation next to a beautiful child…..A WOMEN
And Mentally I understand that 9 time out of 10…When a women gets hurt so many times SHE SHUT’S DOWN…and due to her shutting down,her heart puts up a protective barrier…and with this barrier she tells herself that she is guarding herself from being hurt in the future…(which might work for alittle while)….but what happens,when the right man (such as myself) comes along…and I have to go threw all the UP’S and DOWN’S …..and all the IN’S and OUT’S in order to show you that you are worthy of being LOVED,and treated like the QUEEN you are…but before you open your heart to me, and seriously take a good look at me,and allow yourself to be LOVED by me completely and correctly….GOOD MEN (like me) always seem to get pushed away…and we (or I ) seem to get the shit end of the stick…..so again BEAUTIFUL WOMEN….I’M NOT TELLING YOU not to protect yourself….Because there are still some LAME ASS, BITCH MADE MEN out there. I’m just asking YOU not to push the GREAT MEN (such as myself) away…and actually give me a chance, To show you what a real MAN can be and will be……PEACE

I wrote this because I need EVERY WOMEN TO KNOW, That every man isn’t the same….and there are some MEN that DO change for the better….the question is are you women still looking or are you standing like a statue hoping that a good man will appear in your line of sight……PEACE…with Universal Love I-KING DAVID

David L. White #a639-397
P.O BOX 56
Lebanon,Ohio 45036

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