*Ugly Pretty* by Sean Brown

Is it a tragic fantasy, or a beautiful nightmare?
A flawed masterpiece, or a perfect mistake which the Dark & the Light both share?
Hopeless Optimism in the face of harsh realities
Initiates that cataclysmic shift which increases sharp Mentalities,
Sparking a whole new Vision.
Perception of what’s expected can be a boxed-in definition,
Holding ambition within the framework of a cage with narrow limits.
Refusing to stretch the bounds of one’s Potential causes injuries that are self-inflicted.
We’re all convicted by Our Thoughts & Our everyday decisions,
That’s just Universal Law, We all receive Our own transmissions.
We get to pave the Path to Our Destinies, & how great is that???
We create Our own tomorrows, now how scary is that??
It’s no one else’s fault, nor is it anyone else’s Victory,
Salvation is personal & each Present Moment stands on history.
They intertwine with every second, alternating with points-of-view,
So that even as Creation’s happening, there still isn’t anything new.
The Artist is the Artwork, every brush stroke, every chisel of stone,
Every scene, every word, & every formation of clay molds.
They all tell the Story of Self because We are what We Create,
And that’s the difference between Destiny & the theory of blind fate.

Sean Brown
DOC #1083630


Categories: INMATE POEMS, Sean Brown

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