Wayne Harris

****Thought Blog**** By Wayne Harris

I am trying everything I can to cope with prison. This can’t be life. It just really can’t. I sat down with this guy yesterday and he said “I’ve been down ten, I got ten more to go, I’m halfway done. I said to myself this cannot be aligned with God in any way. Prison is a place for violent criminals. These people here are being forced to result to violence just to survive in prison. Prisons are producing violent people! I see it everyday. It’s like living in a third world country in this place. The cast you away so your family and friends eventually forget about you. Then you forget about what life is about and realize that we have to survive in pit of hell. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has committed a felony unknowingly or knowingly. If you ever took another person their medication that’s a felony. Possession of a illegal substance. If you borrowed your dads car to go to the store and he mistakingly forgot his legal firearm in his car and you get pulled over, that’s a felony and you can be sitting in the pit of hell right along with me. A lot of people are here over plain accidents or merely improper decisions. Not for committing a crime with criminal intent. I’m not saying all people here. But there’s alot that are. Before long America will just be one big prison really it already is. Hillary Clinton leaked over 70,000 classified emails. Nothing happened. Donald Trump fires anyone who thinks about investigating him lol. Kavenaugh accused of sexual harassment and still gets to become a judge in the highest court our land. And this is the America they talking about making great again?? When?? It’s heading towards malfunctioning if you ask me. I’m going to make it out of this place and never return!!

Wayne P. Harris Jr.
DOC #742-927


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