Joshua Ritter

Spell Weaver by Joshua Ritter

Endear and draw near beloved.
I saw you from afar
and whether you captured my heart
with a spell
or whether it was written in the stars
I’m uncertain.

What does remain clear
is that as I draw near
the faster you run from me.
And the quicker the light fades from my spirit.

And as darkness encroaches
to blot out the light
I keep hope alive
but the fear drains my might.

As my resolve weakens
and as my hope fades
I deliver you flowers
to lay on my grave.

But if my grave you wont make,
simply make me your slave.
I’m bound to you regardless
of the choices I made.

The web you’ve woven round me
I weave also round you
and though that may be true
I fear what you may do
when you learn of what I’ve done.

I pray you don’t hate me
when it all comes to light.
When the last star has fallen,
when the day fades to night.
When the waters do rise
to drown me in their depths
claim this as your prise,
the heart in my chest.

I only hope that if you do love another
you will love him as I do love you
and if you do weave the same spell
around him,
then good God, that boy aint got a clue.

Joshua Ritter
DOC# 552183

Categories: Joshua Ritter, poems

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