Wayne Braddy

Introducing Wayne Braddy

My name is Wayne Braddy, & i’m 39yrs. old. I’ll be turning 40yrs. old on March 23rd 2019. My intake date into ODRC was: 01/25/2000 ,& my 1st Parole Hearing date is scheduled for: 07/06/2022 Myself along with my family member & Co-Defendant (Karl Willis) are INNOCENT men, currently serving a 23yrs. to LIFE sentence for a crime which NEITHER ONE of US EVER POSSSESSED ANY KNOWLEDGE of WHATSOEVER!!! Unfortunately what that means at this time is, i DON’T have a definite release date. Yet the fight for regaining OUR RIGHT to FREEDOM, CONTINUES… We’re currently & have been for some time represented by: The (OIP) Ohio Innocence Project, & actually have an appeal on a Motion for New Trial pending a response in the court system at THIS VERY MOMENT!!! OUR STORY was recently written about & posted on aBlog Site 09/03/2018 @ucsocialjustice.com by a UC Law Student named: Nikita Srivastava ,title’d: “The Real Problem With Snitches: How Snitch Testimony Leads to Wrongful Convictions”(The Karl and Wayne Story) Now i’d like to give you a quick summary of how i along with Karl Willis came to be incarcerated…. We’ve known eachother all our lives & in 1998 met someone who we both sympathized with at the time, & put forth our effort’s to offer them advice, support, & friendship. After numerous attempt’s to help them without them showing a willingness to change… WE PARTED WAY’S! Soon afterwards (a couple of month’s) they were arressted on a warrant for a previously committed Sexual Offense, & at that SAME TIME also brought in for questioning for an Unsolved Murder due to CrimeStopper tip’s ,from people close to them who claimed that they confessed to committing the murder. They also stated that the perpertrator had an altercation with the victim, due to previous encounter’s & misunderstanding’s with the victim. Me & Karl were then arressted later that same day after this person implicated themselve’s to being at the scene of the crime when it was committed. Once they came into the knowledge that they would be charged with the murder… they then falsely implicated Me & Karl of committing this crime ,against a victim which NEITHER of US EVER MET PERSONALLY!!! We both were then arressted & charged, spent 2 weeks in the county jail & then was RELEASED WITHOUT ANY INDICTMENTS… PERIOD!!!! (Several Month’s Later…)While awating trial our accusser stuck a deal to testify against us in exchange to recieve a REDUCED SENTENCE!!! We were then RE-ARESSTED, CHARGED, CONVICTED, & SENTENCED. This was at a trial where there was ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENSE AGAINST US!! A trial in which the jury informed the court that they COULD NOT reach a unanimous decision after 18hrs. of deliberation’s. They were then denied lunch, coffee, ciggarette breaks, & the ability to go home for the day. They were then ORDER’D by the court to go back into the deliberation room & to NOT RETURN UNTIL…. THEY COULD PROVIDE A UNANIMOUSDECISION! Which ended up being 8 MORE HOUR’S STRAIGHT!!!!!! The result after a combined total of 26 HOUR’S OF DELIBERATION’S was… A VERDICT OF… “GUILTY” on… ALL COUNT’S!!!! I recieved a sentence of 23yrs. to LIFE for: Agg. Murder, 10yrs. for: Agg. Roberey, each charge carries a MANDATORY 3yr. Gun Spec. attatched to them, (in a case where NO WEAPONS were EVER RECOVERED!!) ALL to be ran together CONCURRENTLY. This case has: NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE!!! ,NO WITNESS’S!!! (beside’s the only “So-Called” Witness/Admitted Perpertrater!!!!) & NO MOTIVE!!!!! (beside’z his testimony of “alleged” Drug Money owed… TO: HIMSELF!!!!! by his OWN STATEMENTS!!) FAST FORWARD, &….. He is NOW FREE & was RELEASED IN 2016!! He and his girlfriend at the time have BOTH SIGNED SWORN WRITTEN AFFIDAVIT’S stating that they have COMPLETE & ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE that…. “Karl Willis & Wayne Braddy are BOTH ABSOLUTELY 100% WITHOUT A DOUBT INNOCENT!!!!!” Yet the SAME PROSECUTOR’S who heard this case in the begining ARE STILL HEARING THIS CASE, & are saying that THESE SAME WITNESS’S (which were: THE PROSECUTION’S WITNESS’S!!!!) are NOT CREDIBLE!!!!!!! Yet as i stated before… “THE FIGHT TO REGAIN OUR RIGHT’S TO FREEDOM, CONTINUES….” (WE’LL NEVER STOP FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Today WE ARE… 2 men who continue to strive to BETTER OURSELVES, DESPITE OUR CURRENT SURROUNDING’S, SITUATION, OR CIRCUMSTANCE’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE KNOW that OUR STORY DOESN’T JUST AFFECT Karl Willis & Wayne Braddy, but… THIS ISSUE AFFECT’S EVERYONE WHO’S BEEN FALSELY ACCUSED & or CONVICTED, ALONG WITH THEIR LOVED ONE’S WHO SUPPORT THEM!!!!!!!!! With that being said… Suzie i TRULY DO APPRECIATE, COMMEND, APPLAUD, & SALUTE YOU FOR PROVIDING US WITH THE OPORTUNITY TO USE YOUR PLATFORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU! Have a WONDERFUL Day!! ( :>]) Sincerely,

Wayne Braddy #390056
North Central Correctional Complex
P.O. Box 1812
Marion, Ohio 43302

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