Thomas Smith

Introducing Thomas Smith

first of all, i would like to say thanks to the open minds of
my name is Thomas Smith, but the ones that know me well enough call me Sincere.
i pour my life out, on and inbetween these lines so you’ll feel close enough to call me Sincere as well.
i was incarcerated for drug trafficking in sept. of 2014 and sentenced to an unbelievable 40 years.
inshala my tables are turning and ill be home and on stage by the middle of next year.
music is my everything and ive been blessed with the ability to share the feeling i get from it with the many people who feel they might be missing somthing.
i hope you enjoy.
you can contact me on instagram at @bugatti_bhomas and on facebook at @bugatti bhomas smith…
thanks and stay focused on whats important to you!!!
see you at the top!!!

Thomas Smith


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