Max McBride

by Max MCbride

Part 1
Young Ghetto Queen

Young Ghetto Queen
She started running wild when she
was a teen ,14 to be exact, seeing things
she ain’t never seen, fascinated by the drug life,ballers and whips
Now she 33 with 5 kids
3 different baby dads
Her oldest son and daughter
13 and 15
And they down bad ,on they last leg at the shelter, damn!
And all Mama, thinking about
is damn ,how did we get like this
time sure fly when you having fun
She use to be the 1
but all the dates in the fast lane
took its toll on her
but she still got that drive because now
she realize it aint only about her no more its about her kids future
So 90 days in the shelter with a steady job
They blessed her with a home and then she really realized
I’m worth more and I love really love my family
So now its all are nothing!

Part 2
Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure, got you confused
But in reality you just wanna fit in
I know how it feel
I had dreams to be in the NFL
and make my Mama proud
But I graduated to a cell and now me &
Mama living in hell ,23 yrs
Fighting for our lives everyday to see a
bright future
When I come home
She always tell me
“Baby I just wanna see you come home”
That alone keep me motivated
I share this with y’all ,world because I
know y’all can relate and if not y’all
know somebody close to you that can
I’ll admit I was caught up in peer pressure
Selling drugs and having everything I
wanted made me feel like a God
A false God doe
Now that I’m lock up, I know who God is
if it wasn’t for him, I would still be nothing
but a lost soul chasing temporary desires
With no sense of direction
Now I’ll admit I have my bad days
but I have way more good days
see life woulding be worth living
without tests
Because that’s how you get stronger and
learn from whatever mistakes you made
And move on
I call myself a student of life and you should be to
And hang with the people that got the
solution not the problems
But on the flipside never turn your back on people that need help with there problems
Be A leader not a follower and create your own world
Trust me it works I did it
And know that with God anythings
I love y’all and I pray for all y’all

Without order there’s no success
If you want it learn and get make your
family proud( be all y’all can be)
Max Da Great

Max MCbride
DOC #A466513


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