Lovell Prince

APPPYING PRESSURE- by Lovell Prince (Black King)

With today’s climate of police killing Blackmen, Blackwomen, and Blackchildren all across the wilderness of North Amerikkka. Original people have tried to do, and suggest, all kinds of activities to attain a level of respect from those that are killing us regularly. Every time one of our people are murdered by the pigs, you have hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of us marching and protesting in opposition to these atrocities. Then we have those moments like in Chicago (in July), in which the pigs murdered another brother, and the South side popped off with violence in response.
My beloved people, these are not the answers to the dilemma we are faced with. Of course many of our people want to protest and march, but this is not the Civil Rights Era, where that strategy had some effect … just look at no matter how much we utilize that tactic, we still have to comfort our mothers, sisters, and daughters due to them losing their seeds [children], siblings, and parents.
Then we have those Original people that think rioting and looting will make them feel better, and bring change. NOPE! First of all, we are only destroying our own hoods … true indeed, most of the land and business isn’t owed by us, but after we demolish all our options in the hood, where do we go to attain the amenities we need for day to day survival, and comfort? Not the white folks’ neighborhoods (Note: Notice how we live in the “hood”, whereas our counterparts live in “neighborhoods” – they are exhibiting more communal attributes than us, when in fact it is more our nature to do so) –> they won’t allow that, ESPECIALLY after we just damaged our own shit. Secondly, that type of behavior warrants Marshall Law in accordance to the pigs train of thought. Which will result in more dead Original people.
Next we have those warrior/street brothers and sisters that advocate an eye for an eye ideology … kill ten of them for every one of us they murder. Sounds good in THEORY –> because in all reality, them folks (the pigs) have way more resources and better training than any of us. Now picture them coming for us as a single unit! Looks ugly doesn’t it? I know … that’s suicide by cop on another level.
Our intellectuals/scholars say education is the key to reversing the dynamics of this tradegy. Yes, I-King am all for that, but how long is that going to take? First we have to reeducate so many of our people, and the logical tactic would be to educate the leaders of our future, our children … but we need an immediate remedy. So despite how much I am all in with educating our people, and our enemies, we just can not afford to lose any more time.
So Black King, what do YOU think is the answer? I am glad you asked! The key is to apply pressure!! ECONOMIC PRESSURE – we spend billions upon billions every year with everyone (mostly those that don’t look like us). Do you recall when Timberland said they didn’t make their products for Blacks in the hood (yeah, that actually was said)? But what happened not too long after that though? Timberland began to manufacture ghetto and Hip Hop inspired clothing and footwear, items that had nothing to do with construction (blue collar white Amerikkka – which is the market they claimed to targeted)? Who put Hennessey, Cadillac, Nike (Air Force 1’s, Air Maxes, and Jordan’s), Pyrex, Luster’s Pink Oil Lotion, New Era, et cetera, on the map? We did, that’s who! How did we do it when we are poverty stricken? Well this is true, but you know us, we don’t have our priorities in order at times, and we want what doesn’t mean shit forreal forreal. We will own a Benz out right (paid in full), while living in the projects with our mother (not paying any rent). Now if we spent our consumer dollar on what’s important … like the necessities to build a strong righteous nation … and come together with a mission of boycotting companies (or industries) that do not respect, support, or assist us in becoming self sufficient as a people, we will regain our prominence and attain political power in this wilderness. Peace, Loyalty, and Love.

Lovell Prince
DOC #565-478


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