James Ward

Revolutionary greetings, by James Ward

To all those in the free world, this is James Ward sending Revolutionary greetings from solitary confinement, maximum security prison, Toledo, Ohio. Many of you may already know or remember me from #Decarcerate Ohio or my Facebook at Free James Ward. But those of you who don’t…everybody calls me Jay. I’m 28 yrs old from Dayton, Ohio. I’ve been locked up for going on 13 yrs, since September 11th when I was 15 yrs old. My max sentence is until some time in 2043.
My purpose of this message is because since I’ve been in here, I’ve experienced nearly every struggle you can think of. I’ve been beat on by staff (my ribs broke and shoulder dislocated), staff throwing away my property, wrote false conduct reports to slander my image, lack of real support from family or friends, lack of medical and mental treatment, etc. But for what I been thru, it brung me to the point of where I’m at today, to fight back for my human rights and help others do the same. Becoming an Imprisoned Activist and Advocate. So for some yrs now, I been trying to find help to get my project launched. And I thought I found that help not long ago. Me and another supposed to be comrade had help to set up the #Decarcerate Ohio page, but it took a wrong turn. And now I’m on my own to find that help all over again. All I have is my sister, but she don’t know how to do the things I need done. I’ve reached out to many places and people, but only to feel discouragement from bein ignored or turned down. I seek real help from someone out there that I can depend and rely on, but someone who has experience with developing Twitters and plumfunds. I have a big project that I’m working on and it takes a team to do it. I’m asking for anybody to get in contact with me that wants to help or to know more about the project I’m trying to develope. Anybody with the ability, please reach out and don’t just sit by and watch us prisoners struggle from lack of outside support. I seek to engage with anybody with the means to help us make a change. You can follow me on Facebook at Free James Ward, but I encourage people to contact me by jpay.com. Its free to set up a jpay account. I rarely ever do snail mail anymore due to the lack of support with envelopes and not being able to receive them from individuals.

James Ward
DOC #a517461

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  1. You whine like a little girl. Your not a man. I say that because a man has true accountability for his actions. He doesn’t blame the system. He looks within, and if you did that you would realize you put yourself there. Own it! Then move on. Do one thousand pushups a day. Read every book. Befriend the staff. Stop that hunger strike nonsense. Be a model prisoner. Get out of solitary. And find it within yourself to be greatful for what you have. Look at your bid as not enough time to accomplish all you need to get done. Stop being a thorn in the cats paw. Stop trying to get into problems with staff. You will never win that fight. Grow the hell up and be a man who is accountable for his actions. Boy the world don’t owe you shit. Be a man who inspires others. And stop crying and acting like a victim. You put yourself in prison, accept that fact. Then move on. Contact inmates to entrepenuars. Do burpees and navy seals bulk up stay away from trouble makers. Make water bags and concentrate on your physical, mental, spiritual growth. But honestly you are acting like a bitch man baby. Grow the fuck up and own your bullshit. I had to. You need to look in your mirror at that bitch looking back at you and say I’m finished being a bitch. Not fake hard like tattooed faced bitches in there. No I mean hard core man shit like taking care of your family. Paying 18 years of child support and seeing that kid every week. Man shit. You can be a man if you choose to be.


    • Okay one more thing. A wise man once said ” If you find yourself in a hole; stop digging! Your best thinking got you right where you are. Because you don’t have a clue; I will enlighten you. Society is afraid of you because you did some evil, scary behaviour. But your life you cry! Your dreams and goals! Oh no! Sorry sir you have been thrown away. But they give you hope…all isn’t lost. You do have a out date. A lot of guys there with you don’t. So stop writing the prosecutor (who is now a judge actually) man that was crash test dummy stupid. Man you are so bad at being bad. You get caught every time you do any crime. Keep acting like a thug and you won’t ever get out. Look at all the stupid shit you goudlock, and hinkston are doing with the nonsense. Let me ask you this…is any of that stuff working? See what I mean. You don’t have to be a failure your whole life. Be a man. Get out of the whole get a job, get in the library, do every program, especially drug programs. Stay away from negative people. I’m not saying go against the convict code. But don’t look at that stuff,-look past it. Be above it all, focused on your workout and education. Your a low life rapist who is in a prison in a prison in a prison. But every day is another chance. Stop looking for help from the free world. It ain’t coming man. Find it within yourself, get 8 hours a day working out then the rest study and reading. You should be tired from your day. Even in the shu. Read the Bible. All the Bible prophets where killers. Leviticus has crazy stuff in that book. And stop complaining about corrupt prison guards beating you. Nobody cares. They did it to me too. I shouldn’t have given them a reason. That’s accountability. Knowing when you bring it on yourself and learning not to. Own your crime then be more than the worst thing you ever have done. Tomorrow is another chance. Nothing you add to your life will make you better. Take everything away from a man…then you see who he really is. Who are you going to be tomorrow? A rapist? A theif? Or are you done being a selfish bitch and ready to change??


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