Don Morrison

Introducing Don Morrison

My name is Don I’m 34 years old an I would like to make one thing clear to my readers I am not a inmate I’m not a convict I’m a prisoner trust me lady’s and gentlemen I’m very aware. I’ve been locked up since 2009 and my release date is 2020 . First I would like to Thank the women that made this site even possible and anyone that takes the time to read my blogs responds an even contacts me . I would like to think of myself as a man of self respect. Its hard to respect someone when one is not able to respect ones self. I respect my body which is a full time job to keep in top shape I respect my mind which I continue to build daily I respect my spirituality and others as well . With this time being incarcerated I have attack the darkness of my mind the ignorance of the mind. Ones physical isn’t important its the body of knowledge that stands in his or her mind that he or she leaves behind which makes us beautiful without sight . I’m very intellectual and I love to build . I can be contacted On by my name and number if anyone is interested in talking think in POWER and relax in PEACE

Don Morrison
DOC #A647648

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