Don Morrison

EQUAL By Don C Morrison

People believe that all men are created Equal. I don’t believe all men are Equal. I believe all men are created period and each makes choices that determines his worth. A man that loves is not equal to a man that chooses not to love. A man who builds is not equal to a man who destroys . A man who protects is not equal to a man who offends and assaults women and children and defenseless people. A man who thinks and solves problems is not equal to a man who makes mischief and problems and who himself is a problem. These men are not equal to me. Even if one is in a position of Bond’s. How could a lazy non ambitious man of many excuses .Be equal to a hard working man. That’s seems to be extraordinary great in what ever he sets his mind to do ! How could a nondisciplined man be equal to a disciplined who is straight forward who resists temptation addition, gluttony. These men can never be equal These are my thoughts and what holds value to me Principals . I’m one hundred percent certain That (ALLAH-Isalik) means GOD is watching or hearing only the truth There are many seated in better situations then I. But there situation could never out weigh my Position (EQUAL).

DOC #647-648

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  1. I think we all are created equal in the eyes of God. But, you’re right, our choices divide us and create inequality. If we could see into the soul of each and see how we were meant to be, not our outward appearances, we’d have a world of more equal compassion, don’t you think?


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