James Kelly

THIS IS 40!!! BY: James Kelly (aka: Difference)

Today I am 40 years old. What does this mean? Well just another day in prison for me. I’m serving my 7-th prison. I’ve been in this time about 4-1\2 years, sense 5-9-14.
So I guess its just time to grow up. I’m too old to still be doing this. I don’t need to be here, I know better. I know how to act to where we don’t need the system to keep me safe from society. I really wonder sometimes and think about the bigger picture, and why I’m here. Well when I think about it, I know what it is. Its embarrassing to admit. God had to put me in prison to save me from myself. I realize that a lot of people have been affected by my actions. But at the end of the day. I see that I was destroying myself. So when I look at it as being put here for my own good, because I wouldn’t quit harming myself. So I thank God. But I also ask God to give me my life back. I’m not going to hurt anyone, including myself.
Today I’m not worried about me. About what I’ve been through or my current situation. To be honest, I’m very good. At this point I am bigger, stronger, smarter than I have ever been. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Just need work spiritually.
Today I think about what life was like, and what my mom was going through, giving birth to me 40 years ago. Today I just hope and pray my children have love and happiness in their lives. Today I am greatful to be alive and healthy.
I ask anyone who reads this blog to pray for my upcoming release, for God to forgive my sins and judge me on my hearth, and that HIS (Not My) will be done.
Remember every day of life, freedom, and love are a gift from God. So don’t take them for granted. I thank God today for my life, my health and my sanity.

James Kelly
DOC #59979


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  1. Happy Birthday my friend!!!! Its so hard to believe that your 40…….. Cause in my mind you’ll forever be the 18 year old man that i met so long ago!!! You’ve been a part of me for most of my life and i want you to kno that even tho im probably the worst letter writer ever that doesn’t mean that i have forgotten you… Not many days go by in between thoughts of you and you’ll always own a lil piece of my heart. All my love….. Jen


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