The Sway Of Diversity by Matthew Epperson

As most of you may know, I am a musician before I am an author. I’ve played music for 16 years now and there is a mass amount of things that I’ve learned over the years. But it hasn’t been until the recent 5 years that I’ve longed for something more out of music. I started listening and playing different styles. Now the band that I’m in on this prison yard plays metal, but it doesn’t mean that is all that I play. The best thing about this group of guys that I jam with is out abilities to create out own original music compared to the cover bands that come and go. I shouldn’t say that we play metal; we play all sorts of things in a classified rock genre. As a matter of fact, I hate genrealizing our music. It is too expansive. There’s one sone called ‘The High Song’ where I pick up a slide and play some meloncholy riffs. Then there is a song we’re working on called ‘Play Dumb’ where we add triplets into the climax. Because of those certain attributes in each in dividual song, people like to genrealize the music. I hate that. Just like I hate being forced to play only one style. I love most everything. Bluegrass, old rock, classical, metal, old hip-hop, blues, jazz, fusion, electronica, dubstep, etc. Mainly, the only things I don’t like are modern mainstream country or modern mainstream rap. Garbage in my opinion. I like having to search for good music. Mainly because of my rebellious attitude towards mainstream artists and their punk ass attitude towards pleasing the record companys. A man needs diversity in his life as much as his music. I often said that I would like to date a girl based on her Pandora playlist. Isn’t that corny? But, then again, I would know exactly whether she and I would get along or not. I don’t know. Maybe I’m picky. What do you all think? Is diversity in music as serious a topic as I make it out to be? Hit me up on my jpay account and tell me what you think.

Go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812


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