Lovell Prince

Introduction Blog by: Lovell Prince (Black King)

Peace to Man, Woman, and Child,
My righteous attribute is BLACK KING, and my Honorable name is Lovell Prince. On November 26th of this year I will be turning 42 years old. I have been incarcerated in the state of Ohio for the past 11 years (July 2007), although I am from Brooklyn, New York, and will be completing a 13 year stretch in May of 2020 for Obstruction of Justice and Kidnapping [a former associate of mine murdered someone and I took her and her codefendant on the run, hence the Obstruction conviction. Then someone owed me money and police found him duct taped in his closet, resulting in a Kidnapping conviction].
Like I said, I am from Brooklyn, New York (Coney Island to be exact). My lyfe has been a constant cycle of violence, crime, and consequences … yet I have made it through the depths of hell unscathed, and extremely strong (not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well). Now I am prepared to move on to the next stage of my lyfe as a recovering criminal assisting others with their battle against their afflictions, and being a productive force in society (especially our communities).
My goals consist of being the family man I have always wanted to be, but was never ready to be; grow old and enjoy my grandbabies; and build my legal empire of my cleaning and trucking companies. I am a published author of a book entitled “360 Acquisition Becoming Completion – The ABC’s of Lyfe” (available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as most other literary distributors) and I am currently working on future projects.
In order to contact me to confabulate about anything I write, go to and create an account with Lovell Prince, #565-478. I build (hope) you all enjoy my works, and they provoke thought in the minds of those that read them … and dialogue amongst my readers and those in their circles. Peace.

Lovell Prince
DOC #565-478


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