Euguene Cumberbatch

By any meanz by: Euguene (Lx) Cumberbatch

For too long I’ve been searching for you,to love you ,to be loved ,be held and to hold you down.For too long I’ve been putting my feelings to the side,along with my pride ,just to put you on a petestool,worshipping the ground you walk on or walked on,for too long I’ve hidden away the questions I’ve desperately wanted to asked,not as an attempt to anger you,or to curse you.But to find answers I needed because i questioned my exsistance.If I don’t get the answers soon I feel my exsistance, and your coexistence has put my current
vision for this instance in the distance…………..are you listenin? Because I feel you are turning a blind eye to my life,misusing me as a vessel to harbor your lies,your cause your life or lives …..This stops TODAY!!!!!!!!I’m taking the steering wheel back, I am the captain of my life,of the yacht,of the ship. I AM,
No longer will I put you first,no longer will I thirst,no longer will I be sent to a scripture or a verse, that has nothing to do with what I was trying to pursue.STUPID, I was,so as being stupid, I does, what most stupid do, indulge in, false prophets ,messiahs, kings of some other religion, written by a henchman, who’s soul purpose is division,on a reciprocal sort,no matter how you flip it,multiply it or pi it,its all bullshit ,don’t buy it.all the answers we needed were in our DNA
no matter what the Q&A it in our genetic make up, so on your journey of life SEARCH
pay attention ,pay tribute ,pay homage, to self .by any meanz ,because at the end of the day ,self preservation, is the first law of nature $$f($tay$uckaFree) peace Lx

DOC #a574927

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