William Lacy Jr.

An Introduction Of Me by William Lacy

Name: William Lacy
Age: 27
Intake Date: Apr.6.2017
Release Date: Apr.14.2020

I’m A Quiet Yet Outspoken Person, Intelligent, Love To Make People Laugh, I View Life Thru More Than Jus My Eyes, I’m Also Very Open-Minded.. I Enjoy All Sorts Of Things, I’ve Never Confined Myself To A Certain Box.. I Express Myself In Many Ways.. You Can Say I’m Thick Skinned, Alot Of Things Don’t Really Affect Me, Guess It Causes I’m So Humble.. I’m Into All Sports, I Got A Favorite Player, A Favorite Team For Each One.. & I Love Music!! That’s My Escape.. No Matter What The Issue Is, Music Takes Me Away & Clears My Thoughts..
Any More Questions You Shall Have, I’m Open To Answer..
My Contact Info Via Jpay Is;

William Lacy
DOC #734177


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