David Easley

#A21 (https://tinyurl.com/2018PrisonStrike) By David Easley

Revolutionary greetings! Thanks for all the love and support during #A21..

On August 21,2018 I posted our hunger strike on my Facebook page: Free David Easley..

The free Ohio movement Endorsed my individual strike and shared it until we went viral..

The phone zaps was enormous we got hits on FB from Palestine and snail mail from Canada.. Then the local Nation of Islam and Black Lives Matter showed up at the front entrance of Toledo Ohio correctional inst with WTOL local News and the Toledo blade..

Protesters showed up wit banners we hear y’all end prison slave labor..
The enemy cut me and my comrades phone and email off prior to #A21 then put us in solitary confinement..

The fight just begun we got more work to do and all your votes count this November election vote Green/Independant… Get involved reach out to your local iwoc branch..

David Easley
DOC #a306-400



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