Christopher Mitchell

1.) The Struggle By: Christoffer Mitchell

This is a reflection of my thoughts and my situation type of blog.Hi my name is Christoffer Mitchell but in the Ohio courts and prison system they spell my name Christopher Mitchell which is pronounce that way, but just not spell that way but my mother said she spelled it that way because she offer me back to Christ which now I’ve chosen my own religious path of me being a Rastafarian I’am 28 years old I was born 09/01/1990 in Dayton,Ohio I’ve been incarcerated since 10/05/2011 and I was found guilty in August of 2012 for a F1 Agg Robbery, F3 Failure to comply and F4 Receiving Stolen Property I took it the trial and lost they game me 12 years my out date as of right now is 09/16/2023 and I can file for my earl release next year around this time.I really didn’t think this will work but a brother that I met told me about this website where you can connect and reach out to people about your situations of being in prison and I’m being held in a Restrictive Housing Unit because I would not cut my dreadlocks to go to a lower level prison because of my religion being a Rastafarian which I’m deeply influence by my religious beliefs I’ve been practicing the religion for a little bit over 4 years and that’s how long I’ve been growing my hair because my dreadlocks save my life when I was at a level 2 prison in Ohio.I got hit in the head with a big lock on a belt and the lock had a sharp wire wrap around the lock I only got hit with it one time in the head and I started fighting and after that I had to go to medical and the doctor told me my dreadlocks save my life and I only had to get four stiches and the doctor told me that if I had a low haircut or a afro that the racist gang called the ab’s wouldhave scout me that situation started an all out riot on the compound which cause me to get my security level raise to a 3 from a 2 and I’ve been a Lebanon Correctional Institution for 4 years and finally got my level drop to go back to a level 2 without a single fight ticket on my record since I’ve been here.Now my support group that I had no longer have the drive to really help me or be by my side on this situation which I started to doubt myself and started to suffer from mental illness and yet I still receive no help just talking converstation with the doctor that does not help my mental illness situation and my support group that I had was like family and friends who I understand that they have they on lives to live but I feel like I dont have anybody in my corner and the people I thought was my friends and now I can see the truth in that situation out of sight and out mind is what I get from them so I stop trying to build and grow with friends who was faking but now I’m reaching out well I hope this work well until next time from forever loyal

DOC #667-642

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