Dennis Watson

Painfully Honest By Dennis J. Watson

There was a time when i had nefarious things to cherish, product of a broken marriage the justice system left to parish, loved enough, but not enough to feel embarrassed but apparently placed in poverty, a pool of panthers in concrete zoo’s that build the sovernty, is it me & my, fault for the longest all i knew was black, red, & white? Visualizing those who serve & protect kill my people out of spite, why o why should I trust you? When my only escape from the brick garden is el boogaloos & crush grooves, walk in 2’s wit neutral colors everything is touch move, true & all, but not a game like chess, the game been resurrected & made his home in my flesh, & i admit, until after the age 11 me & my mother never met, at the time in the pavement i’ve never seen a single step, felt a presence, got a present, nor the essence of caresses, only respect was from the homies, & we cuddle up wit weapons, yes, my biological mother left, left her 1st born on a cold set of steps, all the morals laid wit granny & they still never rest, in peace, but the premise of the beast has left a double sided blade on the right side of my cheek, strike 1, then 2, but i fled before 3, to achieve a new horizon swearing he was never me, but, for every piece of pain that comes i know he never leaves, just matures, a warrior the burning blade endured, way before the babies came i never knew a sense of pure, just war, no trust, & shattered promises, until i found a friend in life so proud of my accomplishment, do you know what honest it, honest is the new life that breaks the ice off of your shoulders, someone to share the stars with when your nights seem the coldest, someone who can take away the anger you built for years, & you don’t even notice, it’s blasphemous that the ravenous can find you to be hazardous when you’re no longer, putting sinister usage to the hardknocks diploma, to be left alone in a cell & you, you were just a father, Rest in peace avionna,15 to life sentence, 2 million dollar bond all on the strength that summit county wanna, another black face erased & replaced because he found another way other than making the granulated harder, I don’t see your footprint no more so are we still walking? can you hear the beating of my heart? It’s hard… Do you know what painfully honest is? You being a mirror on the fridge to your kids, knowing they know the truth & still refuse to let mom forget ya bid, knowing ya never been a saint in life but you gotta do 6 more years of this, just to be innocent, do you know what painfully honesty is?

Dennis J Watson
DOC #A632936


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