Mark Banbury

Have a good day Mark Banbury

hello i hope all is well your way and i hope you have the greatest day just know that nomatter who you are someone cares about you and if your feeling down please smile cause its gonna get greater later if your as lonely as i am maybe you need that certain someone in your life who you can always depend on to make you smile you never know what you might find if you don’t look how would you feel if you knew that by simply sending a e-mail jpay it could bring you more happiness than you’d ever imagine just cause we make mistakes does’nt mean we can’t be some of the nicest kindess and caring guy’s you’ve ever met im not looking for hand-outs or anything financally just simply wanna make your day better and give you something to smile about cause we both know EVERYONE looks so much better when thier smiling so please look in the mirror and smile and tell yourself how much better you look hopefully ill hear from someone soon i look forward to maken you smile

Mark Banbury #714-621
p.o box 901
Leavittsburg,Ohio 44430


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