Michael Doll

“What a great day” by Michael Doll

I never get tired with the everyday hustle of life and the challenge that it brings to the table. Everyday is a day that I have a chance at meeting someone, over coming a obstacle or just helping someone have a better day. Prison does not have to be a grave yard or a mental prison. It can be your heaven, it can be your place of refuge where you allow yourself to open up many doors that have been closed because of you. We don’t have to be our own worse enemy, we can be our own coach and life partner.
My name is Michael Doll #453-855, I am from the Warren and Youngstown, I am 35 years old as of October 1st, yes I am a libra. Literally to the T I am a libra. I am 5’4 155 pds,I love to work out and draw and write. I have a few years left, but my lawyer Mr. Englar is trying to get me out asap. pray for me…
You can reach me on Jpay and write me about whatever, i am a great listener and a good dude despite ending up in prison.
Thank you for just allowing me to express myself and I hope that I allowed someone to see there life in a new view.

Michael Doll #a453-855
2240 Hubbard rd
Youngstown, Ohio 44505
or you can reach me on Jpay


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