*Three’s A Crowd* by Sean Brown

Why’s it so awkward & difficult for 3 people to engage in the same conversation?
At some point or another 1 will feel left out & 1 will vie for maximum attention by any means or variation.
The Human Condition…,
Such a fragile state, such a backwards place where it’s too easy to bruise egos & ruin positions.
The shattering of self-images like mirrors getting smashed,
And the broken pieces do indeed cut, drawing blood from every gash.
We all love transmitting Our own programs, but hardly anyone wants to receive,
Can’t take being in this hell-hole no more, yet still refuse to leave.
How did this become the norm, the standard social behavior?
Social media is God, with millions of followers doing anything to gain favors.
We’re so caught up chasing likes for validation that We disregard Love,
Every hit feeds the addiction, hooking the globe on this synthetic drug.

Sean Brown
DOC #1083630


Categories: INMATE POEMS, Sean Brown

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