Joshua Hairston

* The Situation * – Joshua Hairston

The anxiety of having to hurt someone, the fear of the punishment unrestrained by the palliation of circumstances, an environment conducive to the destruction of human decency, of humanity, of life…men predisposed to violence and set – ready to harm and kill without indication, IS such that it is aggressively quick attacking death to the human spirit.

* Resilient *

Lord, Hear my cry –
Accept my Du’aa –
kum by yah, kum by yah –
Oh, Lord! Kum by yah –
The one praying for my downfall, has to be much better than I –
For what other reason, must you oblige –
it’s obvious to me, you were not slow to reply –
In no time, I’ve fallen beyond repair, Lord, I’m broken inside –
my heart’s the graveyard where hope went to die –
No one’s as hopeless as I –
where there is smoke, there is thought to be fire –
but here, there is no spark for life –
No one even notices I –
taken as the harshest advice –
10 years of heated battle took the fight from me –
Can’t understand why I keep at it for the life of me –
The human spirit, Resilient, it’s a sight to see –
It’s like the light you see, from 93 million miles away, it inspires life to be –
No amount of strife nor grief –
calamities or crises –
can extinguish this fire…expanding at light speed –
The human spirit, Resilient, It’s like the light you see –
From 93 million miles away, so bright it inspires life to be –

Joshua Hairston
DOC #1411138

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