Is this really where america has sunken to ,a third rate country that allows spoiled drunken brat sex offenders to rise through the echelons of the united states government? Henry Kissinger’s view of a third rate country now looks like the utmost idealized utopia compared to this vociferous insipience that america has descended into.Forget the Bolshevik red revolution and its liquidation of the bourgeoisie and the ousting of the intelligentsia…What president Trump has done to this country is a invidious coup d’ etat of a profluent of all classes and sensibility.
It wasn’t enough the platform of the proletariat has been seized by the perfidious fascist bigot racists,thumbing their nose from their high rise balcony palaces,but now they add a rapist to the highest court.What’s it going to take?A american Arab spring?the use of violence by the masses?What new vicissitudes will infest the towns and cities next?Perhaps sanctioned executions of citizens by police on the streets….Oh yeah,that’s right…

A revolution occurs when the antagonism of a society reaches its highest tension
Leon Trotsky

Travis M Smith
DOC #529433

Categories: politics, Travis Smith

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