Wayne Harris

***** Rehabilitation Blog**** By Wayne Harris

Prison is one messed up place. I’m so committed to making this time work for me but the adminstration at this place makes it hard. Prison is suppose to rehabilitate but instead it concentrates more on promoting punishment and advertising strength and authority. Authority and greed goes hand in hand. If you give a person any form of authority they’ll crave more . I’m in a level 3 prison for a non-violent crime. We are the products of prison that becomes neighbors and co-workers of american citizens . I have literally witnessed and has been involved in more crime and violence than I’ve ever seen in my life while being here. This is where the tax-payers dollars go. The government capitalizes off the poor. My stepson was shot in the head. He was pronounced dead on arrival. Today his killer was sentenced to 21 months in prison. He recieved 9 months for involuntary manslaughter and 12 for the gun specification. Wow!! I was arrested over a gun that was found in a book bag outside on top of a car. I was sentenced to three years. I received more time for bearing arms, which our constitution gives us natural rights to do, than a killer that used a gun to kill another human being. That’s “justice” in this wonderful country that our president screams let’s make great again. This is the type of “justice system” that our government contribute our tax dollars too. It’s a lot of decent people in his place that have made simple mistakes. I have seen people leave as smarter criminals. Our government is about money. Our governments main obligation is to engage in the support of human life liberty and freedom. Prison is suppose to be the consequence for violent people that society needs to be protected from. Not for those that people who have generally made a mistake and has not hurt a soul and has not damaged anyone’s property. Our “great America has more prison than universities which means our children has a greater chance of going to prison than to college. Google it and see. This country is becoming the belly of evil and sin and our government is becoming the leaders of promoting and profiting off of it. It has been 30 degrees in this cell, for the past week, in Mansfield Ohio and they still refuse to turn on heat in this place. My mail has been witheld from being sent out. Medical staff ignores my medical request about my pre-diabetic pain as well as other issues. Visits that had been pre-approved was terminated without cause after my family spent 2100 on airplane tcikets alone and took off from work. My right to file informal complaints has been restricted because of me writing “too many”. This is not considered cruel and unusual punishment?? If there is a God he has to be angry enough to present a miracle during this injustice. This can’t be life. The judge sentence us to prison, That’s our punishment for our crime. Not to also reccieve harsh and severe treatments and living conditions. If anyone can offer any human rights defense lawyers or organizations that’ll help us as inmates will you please correspond with me through mail. Or if you’d like to give me any input, advice or feedback I’d kindly appreciate that. Thank you.

Wayne P. Harris Jr.
DOC #A742-927


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